Compilation of cats stealing dog beds

Hidden camera reveals pups musical talents

Dad greeted by canine kid after 6 month deployment - Great

Dog imitates baby wailing - very funny

Baby Koala Snacking on Eucalyptus

Guard Llama Shies Away From Baby Goats

Who Says Cats Should Walk? Just Ride a Sheep Instead

Tiger Cat Mom "Talks" With Her New Kittens

This Dog is a Real Life Snoopy

Deer Found on Rooftop Jumps to Safety During Rescue Mission

This bear is a tetherball pro

\We Don't Know What the Fox Says, But We Do Know They Love Doggy Treats

Two parrots chatting the afternoon away

Curious kitty doesnt make a peep

Mystified dog chases his shadow

A Corgi has a lot to say to this cat

Dog Welcomes Home Military Mommy

Watch Liberated Research Chimps See the Sky for the First Time

Kitty on the Road

Cat opens door for puppies

Hula Hoop Jumping Dog

Unlikely Animal Pals Go For a Swim

Animals Who Adopt Other Animals

Talking Parrot Einstein

Funny dog attacks its shadow

Hippo That Lives In A House

Mommy Opossum Carries 15 Babies

Octopus Plays With Coconut

Funny Cats, Long but Very Funny

Border Collies Amuse Themselves With a Slow Stroll, Good one

Too funny dog thought the cat was dead

Seal Pups Slip and Slide in Puget Sound

Mocha in "His First Broccoli!"

Sweet Mama Dog Interacting with a Beautiful Child with Down Syndrome

Daily Cute: Kittens Take a Nap on Their Canine Friend

Nellie the Sea Otter stacks cups at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Dog Meets Wolf, Good One

Polar bears and dogs playing

This Kitty Wants All Hands Down

Funny dog - prison break

Parrots Annoying Cats Compilation

Cheetah Savanna and Dog Max Play in Snow

A Severely Neglected Dog Gets A Fairytale Rescue

Otter Jumps in Car and Refuses to Leave

Lop Rabbit Jostles About With His Best Friend

This deer won't take crap from anyone!

Owner Sweetly Sings His Pups to Sleep

Bear and a boy play terrific game of follow the leader

Mouse Lends a Helping Hand With Holiday Decorations

Dogs Opening Christmas Presents: Compilation

Grumpy Puppy Finds the Holiday Spirit With a Group of Kittens


Dog versus Deer ORIGINAL

Beagle is trained to take off girl's bikini tops!

Ultimate Dog Tease - Contrived but very funny

Dog Surprises Officer After Being Freed From A Fence

The world's most funny dog video

Funny Animal Clips - America's Funniest Home Videos - Part 385 | OrangeCabinet

Animals Stealing Food Compilation 2013

Dog and Duck Play a Game of Fetch

This dog could be goalie for the Anaheim Ducks

Best Animals Fail & Wins Compilation Ever

The Golden just can't catch

Dog Punishes Himself

Woman finally figures out why all of her toilet paper disappears!

Ferrets Caught Stealing Compilation 2013

Jimmy Stewart reading his poem about his dog Beau on Carson Show

Dog keeps catching socks in his mouth

Dog gets impatient so he honks the horn

Dog interrupts fisherman

Anchorman has a heart-to-heart with Baxter

Blaze does NOT want to go in his kennel

Great Dane plays peek-a-boo

Dog steals sandwich from child

Bear rolling trash bins away

A Fox Steals A Man's Golf Ball

Christian the lion reunited.  Very moving

Dog slides into pool

Dog scores soccer goal with his nose.

Woman's encounter with Whie Tiger at zoo

Hungry cat

Dog wants the sled for himself

Animal ingenuity

This dog knows football

Dog blows out his own birthday candles

This dog is gonna drink from the faucet

Dog wants man to throw stick

Dog mourns owner by going to her church every day 

Surprised kitty

German Shepherds are so cool

Dingo is very creative

Very hungry birds

Snake River Wolf Pack howling together

Goats making hilarious noises

Poor cat sure doesn't like this noise

Elk Attack - Chases Man Taking Photo - runs for his life - in Banff, Alberta, Canada

Chicken helps himself to Doberman's meal 

Cat apologizing? 

Kitten and the Scary Ghost 

Dog saves boy from drowning, even though he wasn't 

Snake River Wolf Pack howling together

Goats making hilarious noises

Poor cat sure doesn't like this noise

Elk Attack - Chases Man Taking Photo - runs for his life

Chicken helps himself to Doberman's meal 

Kitten and the Scary Ghost 

Dog saves boy from drowning, even though he wasn't 

Dog doesn't want treat if it's from the dog catcher 

Baby Panda keeps trying to escape 

Dog shovels snow 

Woman kicks snow in cat's face and feels it's wrath

20 second cat stare-off ends with definitive winner

Dog needs to hold hands while driving in the car

Dog hits snooze, this is why you're late

I'm not moving, I'm a dog

Husky tantrum; he's not getting off the couch

Surprised looking animals

Horse itches his butt on a tree

Horse playing with garbage can

Eagle snatches kid

Cat ruins duck hunt for the other cat

Dog throws ball as bait to get the chew toy he wants

Dog guards owner bike and then hops on

Orangutan puts on coat

Fish bites cat

Puppy and Parrot fight over Almond Milk Yogurt Container

Pitbull hates even the thought of a bath

Cat just isn't getting wet today

Cat alarm clock

Another dog that needs his hand held while riding in car


Dog and horse play chase over towel

Smart puppy gets ball of top of kennel

Door saves people from excitable bear

Dachshund meets inflatable Shark

Guy bugs Elephant once too often

Ducks cross highway, barely

Squirrel hides nut in Bermese Mountains Dog’s fur

Dog not allowed on the bed, when they’re home anyway 

Dog saves man by leading police to burning house

Dog days are here

Muddy Malamute tries to talk his way out of trouble

Cat and trashcan

Dog learns physics

Dog just loves watching ping-pong

Cat unafraid of Alligator

Donkey “sings” along with violin

Kitty horror movie

Dog barks at cat after chasing it up a tree

Cat amazed at car ride

Dog sneeks around like Cat-burglar

Dog surprised by grocery bag occupant

Dog quiets baby

Cat slaps baby upside the head

Surfer nearly swallowed by Whale

Dog should not have turned his back on a kitten

Great Dane finally catches kite

Kittens activates vacuum monster

Rebellious Egg Dog

No tresspassing Dog

Serious Cat vs. Dog Standoff

Going Down the Up Escalator

Dog Afraid of Julia Roberts

Bully Penguin

Doggy Summer - Very Entertaining

Luckiest Squirrel in the World

Polite Corgi Doesn't Understand Doors

Bird Tries to Get Rid of Turtle

Cata Plays Shell Game

Dogs Sledding, But Not That Kind of Sledding

Baby Didn't Leave the Cat Alone

Leopold The Amazing Leaping Cat - Still in Training

Cat and Metronome

Dog Collects Tips

Dog Won't Let Kid Drink From Water Fountain

Funny Subaru Commercial for Russian Market

Dog wins at Yahtzee

Dog screams for want of Squirrel

Dog shows owner what he thinks of vuvuzela

Cats try to understand treadmill


Panda takes revenge on tree branch that wronged him

Goose hates kayak fisherman

Sneaky pen stealing cat

Bear vs. cat

Cute kid and dog jam together

Ping pong kitty

Pet door surprise

Cat in a suitcase

Kitten tackles pillow tackles kitten

Baby and dog cry together

Cat hides in couch

Baby panda escapes jail

Shoplifting Seagull

Dog determined to go UP the slide

Sliding Cat

Cat Gets Revenge 

Chickens break up rabbit fight

3 Dogs, 3 Sausages, One Winner

Duck determined to attack girl in bikini

Clever Dog plays fetch with himself using steps

Dogs called to eat one at a time

Motorcycle stunt pisses off Cows

Karate Cat

Dog fails at catching treats

Blah Blah Blah Dog

Cats sneaking up on you while you're not looking

Dogs rat out the real culprit

Puppy compets for air time rather than baby

Dog and Deer have their own workout together

Dog's big brother move

A very determined dog

High-Fiving Bumblebee

Epic Turtle jump

Bowing deer in Japan is so polite

Crow steals cigar

Cat pick-up - not

Exotic Bird prison break

Mouse doesn't give up on cracker

Dog Alarm Clocks

Dog greets buddy at school bus - is crazy glad to see him

Girl is so happy to see an Elephant, she cries

Puppy uses stream to play catch with himself

GoPro camera falls from airplane in the sky into a Pig pen

Puppy is learning how to catch

Dog teaching baby how to crawl

Antelope - huh

Daredevil Penguin

Kid chases zoo Otter

My Dog loves perfume

Donkey interrupts news report with important news

Mishka are you stupid? "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

Dog attacks mail delivery

Birds fighting each other at the feeder and one gets blindsided

Stealth Cat fail

Cautious Cat surprise

Baby Sea Lion is too tired

Dog is too "street" to leave the street

Girl and Cat treadmill together

The best 36 seconds of your day

This is what a Penguin intersection looks like

2 Bear cubs learning about the hammock

Chimpanzee tries to get guy to help him escape zoo

Cat wants it to stop

Kid plays ping-pong with kitty

Cat is a big bully

Cat surprise attack

Genius Dog can climb onto counter

Cat takes a leap of faith

Dog loves trains

Bully Pelicans pick on woman at restaurant

Cat vs. Bear

Cat takes a whiz just like a human guy

Chivalrous Horse

Zoo Monkey attack thwarted by window

Gang of nogoodnik Deer intimidate Cat

Lena the Rottweiler likes her shower

I'm thirsty dammit

Girl teaches Goat to jump

Fred the crazy Cat answering the phone

Hamster is a rice-vacuum

Little Dog can push big Dog only so far

Printer wins crucial victory in war on Cats

Cute Penguin attacks

Dog pushes Cat into bathtub

Penguins laugh at other Penguin

Seal mocks woman's laugh

Lightning Larry the world's fastest Turtle

Fearless Pigeon plays chicken with bus and wins

Corgi won't fetch without his towel

Husky complaining about meal taking too long

Hands-up Kitten

Cat is terrified of reflection... then promptly forgets all about it

Seagull on an escalator

Corgi puppy stampede

Penguin slap fight

Bird and Dog eat lady and the tramp style

Husky says NOOOOO to going home from Dog park

Animals are so smart.  Deer know to use crosswalk crossing street.

This Dog knows what she wants.

Cats say go Pittsburgh, go to the Super Bowl

Dog really wants to play with the Penguin

Whales almost eat divers

Flying Kitty surprise attack

Lab swims with a Dolphin every day

Don't argue with an Ibex

Hero Turtle rescues upside-down Turtle

Mirrof blows Kitten's mind

The 27 most mischievous Dogs - that we know of

Giant Seagull news attack

Cars make Dog spin

Cat to Dog:  this is my house now

Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast/breast

Singing Dog sings well

New members of the KLM Lost and Found Team

Big Lots pet focus group session

Dog mermerized by cupcakes

World's cutest envelope opener

Baby and Dog cry together

Seal mocks woman's laugh

Buster's box accident

Pets interrupting yoga

Slack-jawed Cat can't believe it's eyes

Gate no problem for Great Dane

Ninja stalking cat.

Sleepy Vizsla doesn't like mornings.

Monkey grabs Dog's tail.

Sheep and Dog showdown.

Horse hits back.

Cheetah in the car.

What a sneeze.

Mission impossible Squirrel.

Horse enters Police station, shows himself out.

Who says Deer in our yard are a problem.

Kitten attacks paint canvas.

Dog takes blanket from Cat.

Dog passes out from overwhelming joy.

That Rabbit is gaining on me.

Dog complains about doing tricks... and well he should.

German Shepherd waking up.

Eagle just took my golf ball.

Golden Retriever loves to float...

Human Daddy and his Dog talk about dinner.

Dog tries to pull off girls' bikini top.

Cat battles mailman.

Dogs trying not to look like they're looking.

Who needs a Doggy door?

Dog says give me the ball.

You're lucky there's a fence there fella.

Dog really missed football.

Birthday cake for Dog.

Dog howls perfect B-flat with sax buddy.

When this Vizsla pup wants a walk...

Funny Cat compilation.

Dogs and Cats playing in the snow compilation.

Dog smarter than baby.

Dog teaching baby to jump.

High-five Cat workout buddy.

Polar bear love.

Husky in right field.

Lazy Golden Retriever.

Guilty Dog knows what she did wrong.

Pedestrian Horse.

Cat lobbying for more food.

Dog can’t tell the glass door is already open.

Golden Retriever really wants to race, but first things first.

Who was in the garbage?

Zebra has his say

Cats and Dogs against appliances

Husky has alot to say about getting a bath

Turtles high-five each other

Turtle shows Dog who’s boss

Squirrel nabs GoPro Camera

Seagull steals the GoPro camera

Dog gets him a beer

Dog delivers receipt

Dog opens the faucet for a drink

German Shepherd sings with his owner singing in the shower

Yellow Lab opens fridge and freezer for snacks

The Dog jump fails, miserably

Dog teaches baby to use teething ring

Cat surfs across pool to escape Dog

Cat and Deer getting to know each other

Girl introduces Horse to water for the first time

Dog excited to see owner.  Not.

Buffy the Cat plays 1 Potato 2 Potato

Piano playing singing Dog

Yoga time with Chihuahua

Jenga Cat

Cats vs. Christmas Trees

Maverick jumps in with Dolphins

Dog Fetch Fails

Dog attacks raccoon slippers - YouTube

Funny Dogs and Cats playing in the snow

A very disciplined Dog - and gets the treat for it

Sebastien plays hide and seek with little girl

Sebastien does the tricks but doesn’t like it one bit

Dog actually tries to trade his toy for breakfast

Sea Lion chases boat, jumps in and grabs a fish

Sweets the English Bulldog rides a bike, knows to wave at other bikers

Hungry Possum eats man’s food, ignore eviction warnings, is “in the zone

Walter runs to the beach

Dog and Tortoise playing soccer.. Tortoise is dogged about it

Crab steals guy’s beef bottle

Dog will take treats from everyone except his arch enemy

Dog is pissed that the Fox is playing with this toy

Some Kitties high-five, other Kitties don't

Bela just does not want to come out of the water

Russian road rage motorist changes mind

Dog confused by squeaky toy - where's that sound coming from

Dogs' reactions to Skyping video chat

Dog helps buddy break out of jail

Sheepdog is just gonna get those Sheep

Horse runs into restaurant.  She’s OK.

Cat tries to apologize to other Cat

Puppy feeding time, some hungrier than others

Siberian Husky playing with baby "brother"

Dogs baffled by magic trick

Dogs baffled by magic trick - part 2

Scaredy Cats

Freedom.  Expressed by a Great Dane at the beach

Dog escapes from the cage

It's Winter - Cat can’t get close enough to the radiator

Denver the very guilty looking Dog

Cat Heaven

Cute puppy running in circles.  Or. how to tire out your puppy.

I got you a ktten

Dog vs. electric fence

George really likes tennis.

Cat hiding from a Cat

Husky doesn't want to leave the park

Cat printer repair

Dramatic Dog

Husky grumbling that dinner's not ready yet

Funny Cat Shorts

Funny screaming animals

Lazy Dogs compilation

Another jerk Cat

Ninja Cat attack

Security Cat

Dog workout buddy

Dog growls at himself

A commercial... be more Dog.  Very funny.

Cat conquers snowbank

Bird on subway train.  This is my stop.

Cat vs. fishtank

Dog vs. police car

Cat discovers toilet

Husky puppy has alot to say

Truly epic fight over bed; Pixel vs. the Cat

Feathered fan arrives early and Crows about his team

Dog hates Happy Birthday song

Kitty ping-pong

'll get that ball

Seal stole my fish

Dog hates horns

Cheeky Buffalo

Who tore up all the Kleenex?

Cat long-jumper

Dog hides from the cops

Dog brings Cat inside by carrying her on his head

What is this Dog dreaming about

Cat loses

Cat gets last laugh

Grizzly wants to take the photo

Can't cook with this Dog around

Dog got his music mojo going

Crazy box Cat

Harmonica loving Dog

Cat vs. A/C

Cat grabs treat from his hiding spot

Dog really tries to understand English

Cat chasing the bug

Older Dog outsmarts younger Dog

Dog knows to hate Satan

Dog vs. tree branch

Cat hates stacks

Dog gets impatient.  Leans on the horn.

Killer Turtle

Raccoon steals a carpet

Crawfish vs. Cat

Cockatoo running around yelling nonsense sentences

Dog vs. Drawer

Funny Turkeys

Cat pushes Dog into pool

Dogs take turns popping in to say Hi.

Rescue Cat

This Dog really likes walks

Is this Golden Retriever glad to see her soldier again, or what?

Gato malo

Dog needs a seat

When a Silverback Gorilla attacks

Chimpanzee strikes down a drone, yeah!

Dog takes the easy way back to shore

And we might add this editorial… “unconditional love” from Dogs… should not be unconditional
Where Home begins - a commercial

Law and Order Dogs

Don't give the finger to this monkey

Cat jump surprise attack

Lions miss the easiest Zebra meal ever

Basketball Dog

More to come...

Take a break.  Have a laugh.  A smile.  Be moved.  

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