It's sad and bittersweet to announce that I won’t be producing the Animal News Hour show or website anymore.  I’ve been given the greatest of honors.  God has chosen a new path for me.  Imagine that.  God knows my strengths and weaknesses.  He knows my talents and my flaws.  He knows my heart and and He knows my soul.  He remembers that I promised Him I’d spend the rest of my life helping animals.  He knows all that, and picked out a new path for me Himself.  The greatest of honors.  I never believed that He decided for me to do The Animal News Hour.  I decided that before I knew the ways in which God advises us and guides us.  So I’ve kinda been waiting to hear what He prefers I do to help animals.  He answered me last week.

From now on, I’ll be helping endangered animals and habitats in the Southwest and Western U.S.  Initially working to help endangered Mexican Gray Wolves to survive.

Like I said, I’ve been given the greatest of honors.  God Himself chose a path for me to help animals.  And as you can imagine, it is thrilling, and humbling.

Thank you all for stopping by The Animal News Hour these last 2 1/2 years.  For hearing about animals.  And reading about animals.  And helping animals.  I loved sharing with you all the wonders and beauty and joys and delights of God’s animals.  And I will miss it.  Thanks for stopping by.  And for helping animals.  Bless your hearts.  Be well.

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