TONIGHT: Blood Lions documentary, Lions bred and raised just for canned trophy hunting.

Wednesday October 7th, MSNBC, 10PM EST 

A News Program Devoted  to News About Animals

And thank President Obama for his historic agreement with China to stop the trade in ivory
Support the CECIL Animal Trophies Act
Tell FedEx to stop shipping Shark fins
Demand that Thomas Cook Group stops selling cruel Elephant rides and shows to tourists
Stop Congress from building roads through Alaska's 
​Izembek National Wildlife Refuge
Don't let New Mexico sabotage 
​Mexican Gray Wolf recovery
Save Pangolins please, while we still can.
Stop commercial aerial hunting-killing
​ of Wild Hogs
Tell Congress: Don't kill Wolves again
Demand justice for Cecil the Lion
Stop dropping Turkeys from planes at annual festival

“Teach us to discover the worth of each thing, to be filled with awe and contemplation, to recognize that we are profoundly united with every creature”  Pope Francis

Protect the Endangered Species Act
Adk Congress to stop trophy imports
Save Animals from ‘Dead Dog Beach’
Stop the senseless killing of Cormorants
Speak up against trapping Cougars 
​in New Mexico

Save Red Wolves from extinction... and from North Carolina officials
Please Help the Beautiful Florida Panthers
And...Stop the Cruelty of Traps in New Mexico Forever

Please tell the EPA to stop allowing Bees to be killed

Demand Monarch Butterflies Be Listed Under The ESA

Please Make an Act of Compassion 

Is It Time To Eat Yet?

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“If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”  St. Francis of Assisi

We'll Go For Food

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Pass me that hammer

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Ask our First Lady... First Wife... First Mother... 
Michelle Obama... to implore her husband,
our President Obama... to take a first-ever stand
by a President... and join with Pope Francis... 
to save animals and save our Earth.
For the next 7 months.

Even with an already decimated population, only 50-80, the Alaska Game Commission just authorized another hunting and trapping season against these magnificent Wolves.
So we ask God for help.  Remember, God listens,  and sometimes God helps,  as long as we ask for honorable things,  in all sincerity,  and are asking for help for others.  So please do this today… and every day that it comes to mind.

The hunting began on September 1st… and continues thru March 31st

Ask God to keep Alexander Archipelago Wolves out of traps, and out of sight from hunter-killers.
And ask God... to also intervene... for Cougars in New Mexico
Ask God to intervene... to convince... however God sees fit... to convince the NM Game Commission... and Gov. Susana Martinez... to reverse the decision to allow cruel trapping and hunting of Cougars... and Bears in New Mexico. Please take one minute... just one minute... in private... in all sincerity... and ask God... to convince them... however God sees fit... to reverse their decision to allow trapping and hunting of Cougars in New Mexico... on public or private land. All human efforts have been exhausted and have failed.

Updated for week of October 4th

Protect New Mexico's Cougars and Bears
Click here to sign a bunch great petitions from PETA
Tell NM Gov. Susana Martinez, stop harming Mexican Gray Wolves
Stop SeaWorld's plans to continue keeping Orcas in those small maddening tanks

Yoplait: Stop killing skunks

Redesign your cups!

Ask Vietnam and China to ban Lion bone wine
End the doping/drugging of race Horses
SAVE Wheezer the orphaned deer, from being taken and killed.
Tell the US FWS to Restore the
​Red Wolf Recovery Program
U.S. Congress: Listen to Pope Francis
Tell USFWS: No more deferring to states on endangered species decisions

Ask Pymatuning Deer Park to retire bears
​to a reputable sanctuary
Ask that Bears be released into sanctuaries. Put a FB post on 3 Bears General Store page to ask just that.
Help save Koala Bears by 
​helping save their habitat
And Help With This Week's New Campaigns