The Spoon-billed Sandpiper chicks, born in captivity to help the species survive, die.  Both of them

The faces of the cubs were blurred out to protect their anonymity

Dr. Karen Becker

Caitlin Newport/AFP/Getty Images

Endangered Gorgeous Amur Leopard Mommas have 16 cubs just since January.

Lupe Hernandez

Owl can't stop hugging man who rescued her.

Dr. Karen Becker

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The man who feeds Dogs.

Michael J. Baines feeds 80 strays, 3 times a day

Reuters/Ricardo Moraes

Look at how big

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Lolita, the world's loneliest Orca, still won't be freed. This week a judge in Miami, Federal judge Ursula Ungaro, ruled against the law and dismissed a lawsuit to grant Lolita freedom, even though her living conditions at the Miami Seaquarium violate the protections under the ESA, specifically “a prohibition on significantly disrupting normal behavior patterns”​

Video Extravanganza

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Once In A While, The Bull Wins One.
This Bull, named Lorenzo, killed matador Victor Barrio.
And they killed Lorenzo, rather than admire HIS skills. And killed his Mother too. Cowards. But Lorenzo went out fighting. And winning.

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It's sad and bittersweet to announce that I won’t be producing the Animal News Hour show or website anymore.  I’ve been given the greatest of honors.  God has chosen a new path for me.  Imagine that.  God knows my strengths and weaknesses.  He knows my talents and my flaws.  He knows my heart and and He knows my soul.  He remembers that I promised Him I’d spend the rest of my life helping animals.  He knows all that, and picked out a new path for me Himself.  The greatest of honors.  I never believed that He decided for me to do The Animal News Hour.  I decided that before I knew the ways in which God advises us and guides us.  So I’ve kinda been waiting to hear what He prefers I do to help animals.  He answered me last week.

From now on, I’ll be helping endangered animals and habitats in the Southwest and Western U.S.  Initially working to help endangered Mexican Gray Wolves to survive.

Like I said, I’ve been given the greatest of honors.  God Himself chose a path for me to help animals.  And as you can imagine, it is thrilling, and humbling.

Thank you all for stopping by The Animal News Hour these last 2 1/2 years.  For hearing about animals.  And reading about animals.  And helping animals.  I loved sharing with you all the wonders and beauty and joys and delights of God’s animals.  And I will miss it.  Thanks for stopping by.  And for helping animals.  Bless your hearts.  Be well.

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Zsolt Kudich and Réka Zsirmon

India releases 2 Himalayan Griffon Vultures in a long overdue plan to restore their populations.  In just 10 years, the population plunged from 40 million to just 60,000


Vaquita: Only 57 left.  Last resort captive breeding being considered.

Rosa Panggabean/Antara Foto/Reuters

Bubbles a female Pilot Whale enslaved by SeaWorld passed away last week, almost mercifully.  Bubbles spent the last 30 years enslaved by SeaWorld, and the 2 decades before that in another aquarium, doing stupid human tricks

Welcome to YuLin China.

This poor boy was still alive when they put the torch to him.

Can you imagine the pain.


Great Egrets recover and find refuge along Hungary’s Danube

"First mammal wiped out by human-made climate change
The Bramble Bay Rodent... the first mammal extinction... because of global warming... and this species did indeed drown to extinction.  Their island habitat... was submerged... periodically... by the rising ocean tides... from global warming.

The Kiss.  The kiss that saved Amur Tigers in Russia.

President Vladimir Putin tranquilized, kissed, and personally attached, tracking collars on 3 Amur Tigers in the wild.

"The preservation of the Amur Tiger

as a symbol of national heritage"

Army vet Roberto Gonzales gets last visit with his Horses.

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Dr. Karen Becker

The "Silent Extinction".  Giraffes' plight to survive all but ignored.

Dog trying to find a way out of this car.  The owner left him in the car, and it's 160 degrees inside.  160 degrees.

Stunning photos of endangered animals, "acting like humans".

Here's more wonder and beauty... and agony... from our July 2nd show...

Appetite for caviar threatens Caspian Seals.

95% of them are gone.

18 new Asiatic Lion cubs will be born this year.  Each so precious

K-9 Officer Nicky.  RIP.  Killed in the line of duty by friendly fire.  Gets Bark of Honor salute.

Dogs slaughtered again this year at Yulin China's Dog slaughter-meat-orgy-fest.  Agony.

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They’re the biggest of all wild Cats, with beautiful and wonderful stripes and markings.  They’re orange with black stripes, and white spots and belly, orange nose, white chin.  The orange and black and white markings of just their faces

is breathtaking.

The Amur Tiger is the biggest of their sub-species, and is huge, up to 10 feet long, up to 850 pounds.  That’s like

3 Shaquille O’Neals - just magnificent animals

Here's more wonder and beauty... and agony... from our June 18th show...

Brian Kertson/WADFW

The Kashmir Deer:  “This Shy, Endangered Deer in India Could Go Extinct Very Soon”

The Great Frigate Bird.  A magnificent gliding Bird, can stay aloft, for 56 days at a time.  Eats on the fly.

The Archerfish can recognize a specific human face out of 44 .

"Buttons" the Elk, stops by to thank, and nuzzle firefighters for saving her home in WA.  Thank you kisses.

Katharina Mahr/Vetmeduni Vienna

Mountain Lion kitten, acting tough.  Good thing; he was born near Los Angeles


Pilot Whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands continues...
“Slaughter turns the sea red with blood.

Horrifying scenes

as fishermen chase 250 Whales onto a beach,

in the Faroe Islands, and locals leap into the water, with glee -

to stab them to death”.  Daily Mail


Whinchat population in "serious decline"

Extinction warning bell.  44% of U.S. Honeybee colonies died last year.

Here's more wonder and beauty... and agony... from our June 4th show...

Capybaras Bonnie and Clyde still hiding out in Toronto.  Laying low for 3 weeks now since their Great Escape

NEW:  Vetstreet, courtesy of Dr. Amanda Favis

The U.S. National Aquarium in Baltimore MD…
will release 8 Bottlenose Dolphins that are currently in extreme captivity there, into an ocean sanctuary within 4 years.  "The first of its kind in America”

International Tiger Day.  This Friday the 29th

Australian cricket legend Jason Gillespie, now a vegan legend.

The longest global coral bleaching event in history… is now devastating reefs… in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives. And this being reported… during World Ocean’s week. ​ Marine ecologist Justin Marshall cried, he broke down in front of the cameras and called it a "gut-wrenching fuck-up".

Qypchak / Wikimedia

Old Max goes to the park.  Edie and Troy take him in a stroller.

Smart, wounded Elephant limps to lodge for help.  Is the doctor in?

Hard Rock Cafe Hotel lifeguards kill Blue Shark for selfie

When confronted with predators, the female Blue Tit - sings

One year ago this week: The magnificent regal Cecil, was shot, tortured and shot again, skinned and beheaded,

by that cowardly dentist, Walter James Palmer.  RIP Cecil.

17 year old Gorilla Harambe, "... was not attacking the boy", "seemed to be kind to the boy", even holding his hand as you see here, but was shot dead anyway.

Ocelots gets lawsuit to protect them.

Only 100 left in America

The most magnificent animal in the world.  Check these out, you'll agree.

AJ Hearn, J Ross, and DW Macdonald

Another animal dies because of human interference.

Mountain Goat drowned trying to escape tourists

Sadly, Capybara Bonne (or is it Clyde?) back behind bars.  Clyde (or is it Bonnie?) still on the lam laying low.

Emu runs for her life from wildfire, in California

Studio Gang, National Aquarium

Indonesia’s forest fires threaten 1/3 of world's wild Orangutans.  And they're now officially classified as critically endangered.

Please sign these petitions

International Tiger Day, Friday July 29th, 2016

The Most Magnificent Animal on the Planet

Why is this Dolphin smiling?

Dr. Karen Becker

Half of Borneo's wild Cats are threatened with extinction.  Like this Sunda Clouded Leopard.

China's New Dietary Guidelines Cut Meat Consumption

by 50%.
And these new dietary guidelines... for reducing meat consumption... by 50%... by 2030... when enacted... get this... 
would save the lives of... 5 billion land animals...every year

Dr. Karen Becker

Because of this...

Emaciated Tiger.  Let to die, to make wine from his bones, for rich men to drink for sex.

2 Capybaras make great escape from Toronto zoo.

Still free and loving life.

Derek Middleton

from VetStreeet, courtesy of Dr. Amanda Favis


Jodie Marsh, bless her heart, protests farmed puppies

Dr. Karen Becker


Indonesian Bird species on the brink of extinction, including the National Bird for God's sake, the Indonesian Hawk Eagle

Bretagne.  RIP.  Last surviving 9/11 rescue Dog passes on.

Above:  Helping children be comfortable reading.

Below:  Photographed on site in uniform.

Arturo, the "World's Saddest Animal", dies alone, and mercifully, in his cage at the Argentina zoo.  He never got to know freedom.

Theresa Keil, National Aquarium

Dormouse numbers

have plummeted throughout Britain

Helmeted Hornbill.

Poached to critically endangered

Jorge Silva/REUTERS

Dr. Karen Becker

"Coyote America".  New book by Dan Flores

​They have been howling their tribute, to their love for being alive

Dr. Karen Becker

East Coast's Salt-Marsh Sparrow disappearing - rapidly.

8 out of every 10 of has disappeared in the past 15 years

Dr. Karen Becker

The Bird that cannot survive by itself: 

The Spoon-billed Sandpiper

Dr. Karen Becker